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Our goal is to create the most comprehensive Raptoreum Calculator for the RTM mining community. We need your help tho.
If you are currently CPU mining with Raptoreum, we (and hundreds/thousands of fellow RTM miners) would greatly appreciate if you can share your hashrate with us so we can add it to our public database for the community.

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To maintain the integrity of our database, we will request a screenshot as proof of reported hashrate.

Please provide a screenshot with the following items on the screen:

  1. 1) The date and time from the taskbar needs to be visible
  2. 2) Your mining software with reported hashrate visible
  3. 3) Your Flockpool statistics page. Feel free to hide the address information. We need to verify that Flockpool’s hashrate matches your miner’s hashrate.
  4. 4) The CPU information (eg. This would be Task Manager > Performance > CPU for Windows)

Please upload your screenshot to and copy & paste your image URL below.

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Why Raptoreum Calculator?

“I wanted to get accurate estimates of my Raptoreum earnings. The only website available was, which is a good starting point, but I realized the numbers were off from my actual earnings, so I needed to create a tool that was more accurate. I could not find one that was available so I wrote my own CLI (command line interface) app.

It looked like this:

% php rtm.php

======================= Raptoreum Calculator =======================

A total hashrate of 31730 H/s yields...

251.096662529 RTM
$12.244279285201 USD Per Day
$85.709954996407 USD Per Week
$367.32837855603 USD Per Month
$4469.1619390983 USD Per Year

I thought to myself, why not turn this CLI app into a web app, and share it with the world so it can help others, and perhaps earn some money from it so I can keep the project going for a long time!" - Ryan H., founder of the Raptoreum Calculator project.

How do I get started with mining Raptoreum (RTM)?

If you already have a PC and want to get started mining Raptoreum on it, go ahead…

  1. Download the Raptoreum wallet here
  2. Once you’ve installed your wallet, go to the Receive tab and click onto Request payment.
  3. Copy that address.
  4. Download the CPU miner here. Use the Microsoft Edge browser, if Google Chrome blocks the download.
  5. Unzip the package using 7-Zip. You can download 7-Zip for free here.
  6. Open config.json with Notepad.
  7. Edit the address to the one you copied from your wallet. Change threads to the number of CPU threads you want to allocate. Change the url to the one that resolves the fastest here under Select your region. Save.
  8. Go back to your File Explorer and right click onto cpuminer.bat and click Run as administrator.

How do I get started if I do not have a PC?

If you are on an Intel-based Mac, you have the options of running Bootcamp or Parallels and doing the CPU mining in there.

If you are looking to add more rigs to your farm, or start with a PC dedicated to RTM mining, you would need to purchase the parts, with particular focus on the CPU, build it yourself, install Windows and then the CPU mining software.

If the above option seems too difficult, you may be able to find a pre-built PC that has the CPU you want. Once you’ve purchased it, it should have Windows installed already, and all you would need to do is install the mining software.

Do I need to install the wallet on each computer I am using to mine?

You would need to install the wallet just one time, so you can get an address to receive, and it can be on any computer, not necessarily one you are using to mine.

Disclaimer: While we work to keep Raptoreum Calculator as accurate as possible, we do rely on APIs, submissions from the community (which can vary, depending on operating system, RAM, overclock settings, temperatures, etc.) and our own projection estimates, which can yield a varying degree of margin of error. Please keep in mind that cryptocurrency, which includes Raptoreum, are highly speculative and involves a great deal of risk, due to its volatile nature. Raptoreum Calculator assumes absolutely no responsible for any losses or damages, financial or otherwise, from the decisions you make with mining, investing, or any other activities related to what you decide to do. You are solely responsible for your own actions and consequences arising from those actions. You should never invest, whether directly or through mining, any funds that you cannot afford to lose. Raptoreum Calculator is not affiliated with the core Raptoreum team.